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There are many common factors that contribute to blocked drains and bathroom plumbing problems, but the main two are general use and abuse. Scale, silt, grease, dirt, hair and many foreign objects accumulate in drains and cause blockages.

All drains and pipes need drain cleaning or clearing at some point and it is only when they become blocked that we think about them. External factors can also play a part in the condition of your drains and pipes, be it tree roots, renovations, extreme weather conditions and age.

Our Drain cleaning Machines can clear sewer, storm water, tree roots and grease blockages saving the coast of excavation.

Drain clearing using high pressure machines

Are capable of clearing 60 metres of drain from a single point, we use 5000 PSI water blasting machines that are powered with petrol engine, only requiring a water connection (eg, garden hose tap) for super fast clearing of drains. The other benefits for you are:

  • Blockages are easily located
  • Reduced mess
  • Less disruption to you and your family
  • A quicker more efficient service
  • Save money on labour costs

This equipment is the latest technology in drain cleaning. They cause no destruction to your pipes unlike the outdated electric eel, so you can be sure they are not creating more costly problems for the future.

This is the reason why many local plumbers call us for their customers drain cleaning needs.

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